I Want to Grow My Business. Can LeadIn Help?

Short Answer... Yes.

This is next level networking. Meet with members that want to help your business. Share your experience, ideas, and perfect your elevator pitch. Discuss issues that effect your business, and get advice from experienced business leaders. Sounds like it would help, right?

Extend Your Sales Team

No matter the size of your business, you could always use more sales people. The members of LeadIn are here to help you and your business. Our members work to bring you leads that are more than a name and business card. They are ready for an open conversation with you about your products and services, and want to know more. At LeadIn, we are all about quality, not quality of leads.

Be Top-Of-Mind

As a weekly participant at LeadIn meetings, you will get the opportunity to be front and center with a growing group of people ready to help you. Every week, you will get to share your pitch, discuss issues, and learn about your fellow members. Every meeting is an opportunity for you to build your reputation, relationships, and share your experience with an influential group.

Practice Your Pitch

How is your elevator pitch? Could it use a little polish? At LeadIn meetings, you get to practice your pitch every week. At the start of each meet, each member shares a 30 second introduction. This is the perfect chance to share new details about your business, experience, or capabilities, in a safe, encouraging environment.

Get Actionable Advice

Each week, a member of LeadIn hops into the Hot Seat. The Hot Seat encourages members to share an area of concern or question about how they run their business, manage employees, deal with tax issues, or other issues that are on their mind. Members will share their ideas or experiences around the issue, and receive actionable advice on how to improve their business.

There's a Meeting Coming Up. Wanna Be There?

Yes, I Do!