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What is LeadIn?

LeadIn exists to develop quality business relationships within our membership, grow relationships, and enhance each other’s business success through quality referrals.

Our Purpose

LeadIn is the ideal business referral sharing group in the City of Philadelphia. As like-minded professionals, our members help each other improve their business success through quality warm referrals aiming to help both the referral prospect and member business.

How We Achieve

LeadIn is a group filled with businesses that are highly qualified, and care about helping others–both prospects and fellow members. Our members are engaged in improving the possibilities for everyone’s success, without sacrificing the quality of the referral or compromising on the integrity of our members.

  1. LeadIn Meets Every Month.
  2. Everyone Shares About Their Business
  3. A Member Shares an Issue/Idea/Concern for Discussion.
  4. We Share Our Success Stories Working Together.
  5. All While Drinking Good Coffee.

  1. LeadIn has Only One Member per Profession.
  2. Members are here to Share Warm Leads.
  3. Members Share their Experience and Learn from Others.
  4. Members Attend at Least Two Meetings a Month.

Want to Attend the Next Meeting?

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